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Why (Good) Reviews Are So Important

The only means by which news and gossip travel faster than by word of mouth is by way of the internet review.

Approximately 85% of buyers hold reviews in the same regard as a recommendation from a friend.  (source)

Reviews are holding more weight in customer buying decisions at record rates.

It’s estimated that more than half of adults consult online reviews before buying your product or using a service. (source)

Eight out of every 10 millennials never buy anything without first reading a review. (source)

No matter what industry you are in, you simply can’t ignore the authority that reviews have over customer choices.

AWEBCO 5 Star Reviews

Customer review acquisition is one of the top things you should be spending your marketing dollars on.

This does not mean you should pay for reviews, but there are several marketing techniques you can use to get customers to review your business.

Whether it’s a non-monetary incentive or a Facebook campaign for customer feedback, there is plenty you can do to get those reviews rolling in.

Dealing With Negative Reviews

Before delving into the techniques that will get your customers to rave about you, it’s important to dress the elephant in the room: the negative reviews.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Whether it was a disgruntled customer who misunderstood your return policy or a failure in the line of communication in the customer service department, one negative review is enough to make a small-business owner’s palms sweaty.

Luckily, there is a way to turn those scorchers into the perfect opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service and compassion towards customers.

By handling negativity in a positive way, you will boost your overall rating.

How to Get More 5-Star Reviews

It’s safe to assume that most people won’t make the time to write your business a review, positive or negative, on their own.

However, you’d be surprised at how many people happily give their feedback when asked at the right time and in the proper context.

By implementing the following techniques, you will soon see positive reviews popping up across various online platforms.

Speaking of platforms…

Have a Presence on Several Review Sites

Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, and TrustLink are all trusted and highly used review sites.

Having a profile on these sites will allow your past customers to rate their experience with you and compel prospects to use your product or service.

By making yourself available on multiple platforms, your customers can write a review on the platform they are most comfortable with.

When Your Local Listings Go Live

Having a profile in multiple places across the internet boosts your visibility and ranking on Google.

AWEBCO Local Listing services get you listed across all of the most important directory and review sites that people use.

Make Reviewing You a Breeze

Complexity is the ultimate stifler of creativity.

If you make your review system complicated by asking for too much information or by having faulty, clunky software, you risk losing willing reviewers in the process.

Worse than that, customers who have to jump through hoops to leave you a review probably won’t express the same splendor with their words.

You want your customer to put all of their efforts into writing the testimonial, so make the interface as simple, quick, and user-friendly as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to provide your customers with links to your profile on trusted review platforms. The timing and placement of these links are important.

You can send them in follow-up emails or in Messenger.

Companies like Air BnB and Uber send a review prompt once the customer checks out of the place or arrives at their destination.

Uber Review Prompt After Ride

Some restaurants and public workspaces leave cards on the tables with their information on it.

Incentivizing Customer Reviews

This is a fantastic way to get customers to leave a review, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

The best part about this is that you can be creative and come up with an offer your customers can’t resist.

Whether it’s coffee, cupcakes, or a discount, there are plenty of inexpensive ways to incentivize your customers to write a review.

Keep in mind that the review doesn’t have to be positive in order to qualify for the incentive. Encourage your customers to be honest.

You may get insights from less than lovely reviews that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Say Thank You

One of the best ways to get your customers to write a review is to simply say thank you.

This involves going beyond the standard thank you/confirmation of purchase email.

If you really want to drive your customers to leave a raving review, why not send them a thank you card that shows your appreciation and asks for their testimonial?

Postcard Design and Printing in Danville IL

In the world of digital domination, your customer will be delighted to receive a tangible thank you note in the mail.

By using these custom made “Thank You” postcards from AWEBCO, Byerly Garage Doors increased their online reviews by over 10x!

And yes, they were all 5 star reviews from happy customers who were glad to share their positive experiences.

Byerly Google Reviews

Leverage Social Media

Many of your customers likely spend a great deal of time on social media. Facebook and Instagram dominate society.

Instagram influences buyer choices dramatically, and Facebook provides a platform for businesses to claim a page and get reviewed by customers.

Use Facebook retargeting to run ads to your previous customers asking for a review.

Your ad will be refreshing for your customers who are used to being bombarded with ads from unfamiliar brands they don’t know or simply don’t care about.

Ask and you shall receive (most of the time).

Byerly Garage Doors Facebook Reviews

Make Reviews a Priority

Last, make sure all of your customer service representatives are well aware of the importance of getting customer reviews.

Soliciting a customer review can be incorporated into the “script” that your reps use.

Many companies have success by offering cash bonuses to employees who get a certain number of customers to review the business.

When you and your team understand the importance of customer reviews and implement the techniques, you can increase sales, build relationships with customers, and grow as a business.


Review Card Inquiry

Order your custom “Thank You” postcards from AWEBCO and start getting more 5 star reviews from past clients! Starting at $25 for 250 review cards

Why Does My Business Need a Website?

Did you know that 87% of users with internet access searched for local businesses, products, and services in the last month alone?

When you own a small business, understanding why it is so important to have an official website and an online presence is essential to maximize the revenue you are capable of generating.

Websites have come a long way since the advent of the internet and social media, which is why building your own corner on the web is a way to outperform your competition while solidifying your place in any market or industry.

Sentry Roofing - example of good web design

Use an Updated Website Design to Attract Visitors and Prospective Customers

Long gone are the days of wonky, clunky, difficult-to-navigate websites.

Today, with CMS (content management system) solutions such as WordPress, launching a professional, modern, and responsive website is easier than ever.

Even if you do not have programming knowledge or formal education, learning to work in WordPress is possible.

Using a modern and attractive website design is a way to boost your site’s popularity while presenting a professional business and brand.

With an attractive website that is easy to navigate, reduce your site’s bounce rate and instead, increase the number of page views your visitors browse while viewing your content and products.

Maximize Your Local and Online Reach

Maximize both your local and online reach with an official website that represents your small business.

With an official website, appear more professional to those who follow your business and for those who want to learn more about the products or services you offer.

Take advantage of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to target your audience and hone in on the type of content they prefer reading.

Google Analytics Report after SEO Efforts

Take Advantage of a 24/7 Billboard on the Internet

Having an official website for your business provides you with a 24/7 digital billboard on the internet, even when your official store is closed for the day.

With an online presence, take advantage of both social media and third-party ad servers to create and execute unique, interesting, and engaging advertising campaigns that are optimized for your prospective customers.

Generate advertisements that target users by age, gender, location, and even specific hobbies or interests they have in their everyday lives.

Craft Creative and Unique Messages That Represent Your Brand Using Your Website

With an official website, maintain complete control over the content you share with your visitors and online shoppers.

Craft creative and unique messages, graphics, and campaigns without the traditional limits and restrictions in place with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

When you have your own website, the options are virtually endless when creating new campaigns to determine the best method to reach your target audience.

Global e-commerce sales statistics 2014 - 2021

Gain Global Traffic and Recognition

Optimizing your website for search engine traffic is a great way to maximize your online reach while garnering global traffic and recognition.

With an online presence, tap into the global market allowing you to increase the amount of revenue you are able to generate just by providing an eCommerce checkout option.

Rather than feeling confined to selling to locals in your community, having your own website with an eCommerce store is a way to reach global shoppers from hundreds of countries around the world.

Learn More About Your Target Consumers

Once you have launched your official website, you can begin tracking and monitoring statistics from your daily and loyal visitors.

With services such as Google Analytics and plugins for WordPress, keep a close eye on how your website is used, the number of daily visitors you receive, and which content is most attractive to those who are interested in purchasing from you.

Monitoring stats and analytics provides valuable insight into the wants and needs of those who follow your brand and loyal customers who are interested in purchasing from you again in the future.

Generate Media Interest

Without a website, it can become difficult to gain the attention you need to grow and expand your business, even if your local sales are great and provide a good income.

When you have a popular website that represents your brand and shares content, increase your chances of going viral or having your URL shared with millions of users around the globe.

When websites and small businesses become popular online, it is much easier to generate the media’s interest as well as the interest of other popular online blogs, magazines, and forums.

With additional interest and press, it is much easier to boost the revenue you are generating while utilizing funds earned to expand and grow your business even more.

Boost Your Brand's Credibility

Establishing credibility is essential when you want to maintain the success of your business.

84% of consumers currently believe a business and brand is more credible when they have an official website and an online presence that represents the products and services they offer.

Credibility is essential when building a business whether you are doing so from the ground up or if you are working on expanding an existing company in your local community.

Without online credibility, users may choose a competitor near you, causing you to miss out on the opportunity to make a sale or gain a loyal customer.

Website Credibility Infographic

When you have an online presence, users are more likely to place their trust and wallet in your hands, feeling reassured that you are a legitimate business and brand.

Use your website to showcase customer reviews and testimonials while also sharing links to your official social media pages, providing prospective customers with even more information about your business and its legitimacy to encourage and motivate online sales.

Grow your Business with a Professional Website

When you have a complete understanding of why an official website matters, move forward with a professional site that best represents your brand and the products or services you provide.

Having an official website is not only useful for those who already support your business and brand, but it also helps spread the word to those who have a genuine interest in learning more.


Ready to Get Started?

Work with a 5 star rated agency and give your business the website it deserves.


Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can help you.

What are Local Citations, Anyway?

In the world of online marketing, local citations are simply online listings of business information.

These listings are designed to help local searchers find relevant details about a business within their geographic area.

Local business listings typically contain the name of your business, your address, and your phone number.

A link to your business’ website can also be included for added SEO power in Google’s search engine.

Taking advantage of our local citation service can help you attract the right kind of attention with your business listings.

Keep reading to learn more about how local citations can benefit your business.

Business Directories are Cost Effective

Compared to pay-per-click (PPC) ads and other ways to attract attention online outside of your website, using a business directory to achieve this goal is extremely cost-effective.

In fact, many directories allow local businesses to submit listings for free.

Other have fees for special features such as:

• Additional business location listings
• Uploading photos or videos related to your business
• Adding maps, website links, or additional categories for your business

On a related note, if you add or claim your business on Google’s My Business directory, you’ll get a free business listing, which shows predominately in Google search results.

This will also help boost your visibility on Google Maps and help customers visualize and make it easier to find your business’s location.

Your local Chamber of Commerce website is another great source for a free listing of your business info.

Local Business Listings Help with SEO​

Local search engine optimization is what Google uses to present relevant location-based results to searchers looking for a business in their area.

This is especially helpful if you have a restaurant, auto body shop, medical office, florist, or other type of business with a physical location.

Having a Google My Business listing will also increase your odds of ranking in Google’s Local 3-Pack, which is another good thing for your SEO efforts and visibility among your target customers, as you can see below.

Web Design Danville IL Search Results

Also with ranking, Google considers NAP (name, address, phone number) information.

Google’s crawlers compare your business info with what’s on your website to confirm that your business is authentic.

Even small discrepancies like listing your business as ABC Construction, Inc. in some directories and as ABC Construction in others may cause Google to count those as two separate businesses even though it’s the same one.

If this consistently happens, it could negatively impact your ranking.

Get even more optimization benefits from your directory listings by:

• Verifying or claiming them
• Removing listings from directories not related to your niche or industry
• Adding additional helpful details (e.g., hours of business, a brief description of your business and what you offer)
• Including a link back to your website’s homepage or to a relevant landing page on your website

If You Don't Have Citations, Your Competitors Likely Do

Not paying much attention to your local business listings or making an effort to create new ones?

It’s a safe bet to assume that your competitors are.

If local searchers are able to find your competitors’ info much easier than yours, odds are good that’s where they’ll go for what they’re looking for.

You'll Get a Visibility Boost

Online directories usually allow users to filter results by very specific categories, such as services, business category, and location.

If you have local citations on the directories customers are using to find local businesses, you’ll get an instant visibility boost.

Even in instances where customers end up choosing a competitor, they may be more likely to consider your business next time if they keep seeing your listings.

When Your Local Listings Go Live

You'll Improve Your Business' Rep

Many local business directories allow users to post reviews, like Google My Business.

Not only is this good for SEO-related purposes, it can also give your online reputation a boost in the eyes of customers.

Yes, reviews can be a double-edged sword in the sense that you could get some negative ones.

But if the right steps are taken when responding to valid criticism, your reputation will remain in tact.

In fact, most customers appreciate it when a business makes an honest effort to address and resolve issues.

Without citations, however, potential customers may also assume:

• Your business is questionable
• You’re not very customer-oriented
• You’re a new business without much experience (even if this isn’t the case, this assumption may be made)

Citations Can Attract Potential Clients, Partners, and Investors

Example of a Good Yelp Listing

Local listings or citations aren’t only for business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses.

If your local business targets other businesses or investors in the area, local listings can attract the attention of potential investors, partners, or clients.

If this is your goal, make your local B2B citations more appealing with:

• References to your key products or services
• Links to relevant social media pages that can quickly direct searchers to more info about your business (for B2B purposes, this usually includes LinkedIn)
• Contact details specific to key people (e.g., business owner, a local sales rep)

Carefully Monitored Citations Eliminate Customer Confusion

Put yourself in the place of one of your customers.

Let’s say you saw a brief description of your business and decided to either make a call or visit in person.

Imagine your reaction if you tried to call or visit only to get a wrong or disconnected number or find another business located there instead.

Scenarios like this can happen if you have outdated or old citations you forgot about.

But if you use a local citation service, you local listings will be carefully monitored.

Steps typically involved with such services include:

• Removing old or outdated listings
• Correcting NAP errors
• Placing listings in directories likely to be used by customers searching for your products or services
• Optimizing local directory listings with relevant keywords, images, videos, and website links

Making sure every business directory with your information listed is up to date and completely accurate can be a more time-consuming task than you may realize.

All it takes is a few errors or oversights here and there to affect your online visibility and credibility in the eyes of your desired customers.

With our local citation service, you can rest assured no details will be overlooked with your online business listings.

Contact us today to start seeing results that matter.


Eliminate confusion and get found on more sites

Run a free scan on your business to find any errors in your listings across the web

Ranking Factors for Google in 2018 and Beyond

Your business is competing in the most competitive marketplace the world has ever seen, the internet.


Google is the referee who determines website winners and losers, except that this referee also establishes the rules of the game.


In the U.S., Google is the search engine of choice for about 75% of all searches. In India, almost everyone (95%) uses Google.


The wizards at Google write the algorithms that determine how your website will be ranked against your competitors when someone is looking for a product or service.

Websites around the world are constantly being crawled or examined by search engines. The information they retrieve on multiple factors is used to update their massive, world-spanning database.

We talk about this subject a lot, but it’s THAT important. So let’s get more in depth on the ranking factors Google considers important in 2018 and beyond.

How Important is Your Google Ranking?

When you’re searching for information, a product or a service, how do you select which links to click on?

If you’re like most people, you glance first at the block of text at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), the featured snippet.

If your company’s link is underneath that information, you’re going to get a lot of targeted traffic.

You will also get a lot of organic (unpaid) traffic if your company is one of the top three listings underneath the featured snippet.

Types of Computer Featured Snippet Result

The other six or seven listings on the first page of the SERP receive fewer clicks.

Companies not on the first page of the results for a particular search phrase receive very few clicks.


SEO (search engine optimization) is used to optimize your website so that Google finds what it considers positive elements.


These factors determine a website’s ranking. Some of the most important are discussed below.

Search Intent for Keywords

Search intent, or defining the information the searcher is looking for has become a critical ranking factor.

Google’s objective is providing the most relevant answer to the search query.

Words can have multiple and very different meanings. The word “nail” could refer to a fingernail or a construction nail.

Google wants to determine the intent of the user in this instance and display the most relevant information.

Nail Search Results

Keywords or keyword phrases (long-tail keywords) are important elements in determining intent.


Suppose you sell athletic shoes. The keyword “shoes” by itself is too vague to be useful and won’t generate leads.


However, if a searcher types “women’s running shoes size 8”, they’re looking for what you sell, not an article on the history of shoes.


Voice search is increasingly important and changes how how search queries are phrased.


If someone is speaking to Siri, they might say, “Find me someone selling women’s white running shoes, size 8.”


Keyword research becomes more complex, but is more important than ever.

Schema Markup on Pages

Schema markup is special coding on a website that helps search engines return better results for users.


Sounds great, but what does it mean to you?


Would you like your company’s information listed at the very top of the search engine results page in the featured snippet box, raising your ranking and bringing you all that extra traffic?


The right coding could help you achieve your goal.


Google loves featured snippets and just expanded their features.


"Concerts Near Me" Search Results with Event Listing Schema

Suppose you manage a nightclub or an organization that holds regular events.

If your website is properly coded, upcoming entertainment or events would be displayed.

Coding could be used to promote a sale or your name as the author of a blog or how-to, adding to your authority as an expert in your field.

This coding has many applications, useful for local business information, product pages, your aggregate rating and much more.

To learn a little more about how this works, visit, a rare collaborative effort of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Aggregate Rating Schema Markup for Service Pages
Aggregate Rating Schema Markup
News Schema Example
Article Schema Markup

Optimize for Mobile Devices

If your website isn’t responsive, or mobile-friendly, Google will punish you for having outdated web design by not showing your website as predominantly on phones and tablets.

Google’s ranking algorithm, dubbed ‘Rank Brain’, will choose to show your competitors who’s sites look good and function properly on mobile devices instead.

Make sure you’re not being penalized by Google for not having a website optimized for mobile devices by using Google’s tool, the Mobile-Friendly Test.

This will tell you plain and simple if Google can read your site properly on mobile devices.

If your site fails this test, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on opportunities to be shown to people searching on their phones for businesses like yours.

Google wants to provide the best search experience to their users.

If they didn’t show searchers the best results for what their users are looking for, they wouldn’t be the top search engine in the world.

Proper Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page is what a visitor sees when first arriving at your website.

It needs to clearly provide the information the visitor is looking for.

The layout of the page, font, placement of visuals (videos, pictures, etc.), text, CTA (call-to-action) buttons and other data are all important and should be optimized for both search engine and visitor.

How do you know what works best? You run split or A/B tests, finding out whether you get more clicks with this or that CTA text or location, for example.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate (CTR) is commonly used to measure the success of an advertising campaign.


It’s the ratio of how many people click on a link vs. how many viewed the page, ad or email. Generally, the higher the CTR, the better performing your ad copy is.


However, the CTR only indicates how many people went to the page. It doesn’t tell you how many converted.


Obviously, you want to increase your CTR of targeted visitors, but don’t focus on increase CTR while ignoring other important metrics.


You need to be testing and experimenting with the landing page to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck with every click.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the flip side of click through rate.

Did visitors quickly find the answer to their search query or did they “bounce” or abandon your website?

Are they visiting other pages on your website after they find what they’re looking for?

A well-optimized website will lower your bounce rate, giving you the opportunity to generate a lead or a sale.

The longer a visitor stays on your site, the better your site will look in Google’s eyes.

A consistently low bounce rate will help improve your rankings over time by providing visitors with the information they’re looking for.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate

What Should My Bounce Rate Percentage Be?

courtesy of

Optimized Titles for CTR

The title often determines whether or not someone clicks on a link and must be SEO-friendly.

Your title should cover what that specific page is about in an enticing way.

Using a numbered list for your title has been shown to increase CTR as much as 36%.

Testing can determine which title generates the most clicks.

It is estimated that on average 80% of people never make it past the headline.

Give them a reason to click through to your site.

Overall Headline Preferences by Conductor

Optimized Meta Descriptions

A meta description provides a short summary of your page’s content.

While Google doesn’t consider it an important ranking factor, they matter in on-page SEO.

A meta description acts as an ad for your content when a searcher is deciding which link to click on and can increase clicks.

If more visitors are clicking on your links in the search results because of your enticing titles or meta descriptions, this will have an indirect affect on your rankings.

Google will see more people clicking on your result instead of your competitors, and will over time grant you higher priority in that search.

Backlinks: Quality over Quantity

Backlinks are important. Simply put, they’re links from one webpage/website to another.

Links to your website from another authoritative website in your industry are especially valuable, increasing your authority as an expert.

This helps improve your Google ranking and brings you more business.

The quality of backlinks is much more important than quantity. You can’t (well, shouldn’t) get backlinks from just anywhere.

They must be “real sites” (not built purely to provide you links), relevant to your industry, get real traffic, and provide value to their visitors / readers.

Fiverr Backlinks Examples

We have dealt with clients who have purchased bulk backlinks on service providers like Fiverr and were dealt the swift hand of death by Google.

This caused their site to get “de-indexed” from Google’s search results page, which means NO ONE is finding you there now.

Not on the first page, and not on the 600th page.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT purchase backlinks from these types of service providers.

This is one of the quickest ways to get your website penalized by Google and potentially lose a huge percentage of your organic traffic.

How long does it take to improve your google ranking? Rankings Graph

At AWEBCO, how long it takes is one of the questions we’re asked most often.


That’s hard to say, but it doesn’t happen overnight.


It may take three or six months before you see substantial improvement.

However, consider the possibilities after a year of steady progress.

SEO isn’t one-and-done.

Analytics Results - 6 Month Case Study
Client Results from 6 months; February to July

More Traffic, More Leads, More Business

Why choose AWEBCO?

We’ll always put your needs first because your success is our success.

We’re a team of experienced web designers and SEO experts, offering the digital marketing services you need to grow your business online.

Don’t settle for a website that is either stuck in the past or not getting you the results you need.

You’ve got enough to do running your business.

We’re proud of our work. Take a look and contact us for a free quote.


How can we help grow your business?

Increase your traffic, show up higher and in more Google search results, and earn more business with SEO by AWEBCO.

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There are a lot of fly-by-night ‘web designers’ out there but AWEBCO is the real deal! Very impressed with their level of service, timeliness, and creative abilities. I would highly recommend them for any website needs.

Steve Diveley

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Do you need a website for your business?

Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly

Many business owners spend a lot of time creating a website. Then they neglect it.

The main purpose of your website is to gain new customers and grow your profits. If you do not update your website and have the latest information, your website will be viewed as outdated. 


Google may suspect that the website has been abandoned and display it farther back on the search results page. The top 10 positions of any search result are the most powerful ranking spots to increase organic and natural search traffic. 


At that point, your competitor who is continually updating their website content is being displayed and getting the new customers.



Let’s take a closer look at why you should update your website regularly by adding information to your site through page updates, blogging, and images, and how it is crucial to the growth of your business:

Update Your Website Content to Get Noticed by Google More Often

Google’s indexing crawlers will evaluate your website when you make a change to it. If your competitors are getting ahead of you on the Google results pages, it is very possible that they are adding more pertinent content to their website than you are.


Google wants to display web pages that have the most current information. So, frequently updating your website with the latest information will keep you on the cutting edge, cause your site to be crawled by Google regularly and allowing you to stay competitive.

Show Yourself to be an Expertise in Your Field by Adding the Latest Information

When people see that you update your website by regularly posting new material, you will be perceived as an expert who keeps abreast of the latest happenings in your industry. Prospective clients will feel that you can be trusted because you are showing yourself to be knowledgeable and are willing to share the latest word about your products or service.


You may be too busy with your business to regularly write new content. That is not a problem because there are writers available to help business owners fill their website with fresh information on a regular basis. 


When new information is continually added to your website, you will be perceived as an authority in your industry, actively giving your clients valuable information.

Update your website with fresh content to improve your SEO score

Use Content to Improve Your SEO Rating

From time to time, Google changes its algorithm for determining which web pages to display in its search results pages. However, adding plenty of current and interesting content on your website never goes out of fashion, even with Google.


Google wants to give searchers the web pages that answer their queries. If your site has the best and newest content focused around specific keywords and key phrases, it will rank high, no matter what other algorithm changes a search engine comes out with.

Lower your Bounce Rate by Updating Website Content

When someone comes to your website and immediately leaves your site, that is called a bounce. Google keeps track of your website’s bounce rate and counts it against you if the bounce rate is higher than it should be. Updating your website regularly can help reduce your bounce rate.


Furthermore, if people leave your site quickly, they are not seeing what you have to offer. They will probably not contact you or buy what you are selling. So it is important that your website continually has new and interesting information that people are looking for and will stick around to read.


Share Feedback from Customers to Show that You Care About Their Concerns

When you receive feedback or ideas from your current clients, you should add that information to your website. It shows both Google and your clients that you take feedback seriously and are willing to share your expertise on the various matters with the world.


A “Frequently Asked Questions” section is an example of how you can update your website regularly while addressing the puzzling issues that are common to your industry. You can show that you are responsive to questions have about your products or service. You can also explain how your company is meeting the needs of its customers.


If a client has a complement to give, adding it to a “Testimonial” section of your website will shine a brighter light on your business for future clients to see. People are very interested in reviews and what other people have to say about a company or product, and it also helps build trust and authority to your brand.

Use Content to Focus on Popular Keyword Phrases for Your Industry

There are popular phrases that people type into the Google search box when they are looking for the type of product or service you are offering. If you are unfamiliar with how to find these popular keywords, an SEO expert at can do the research for you. The right set of focus keywords can bring in significantly more website traffic than it would if you did not do your research beforehand or simply guessing.


When your website includes the exact keyword phrases that people are typing in, your site is far more likely to be displayed on the search engine’s result pages. These focus keywords must be included naturally within the text on your website. 


A good copywriter, skilled at placing the most important keyword phrases throughout your website, can be a great benefit to your business. If you choose to do blogging for your business, you can often cover many more topics through articles that you might not have been able to tackle on your sites standard pages.

Update your website with SEO specific content writing

Use New Content to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Website

If your customers know that you are posting fresh content and update your website on a regular basis, they will visit your site periodically to see what new information you have provided for them. This keeps clients in touch with your business.


If you own a restaurant, for example, you can place your specials on your site. If you provide a service, you can let people know about a discount you are offering. If you sell products, let your clients know about the very latest.


Your website is your best advertising material. In contrast to the past when brochures were stagnant, your website can be fluid, changing and improving all the time.

Provide Plenty of Invitations to Increase Profits

Each piece of content on your site, whether it is text on a web page or an article in a blog, should invite your readers to take a certain step in your direction. You can use new content to invite people to buy a product, call your company or submit a question or email address.


If you have a service company, each piece of content on your website should tell something specific about your service. For example, if your company installs security systems in homes, each page or article should go into depth about a particular feature of what you do. Somewhere in that information is an invitation, also known as a call to action, that suggests something that you want the reader to to.


If your company sells products, each page or article describes a particular product, going into details about the benefits and features of that item. Within the text on that page is an invitation for the reader to buy the product or ask you questions about it.

Without plenty of content and articles on your website, you lose valuable opportunities to increase your profits.

So as you can see, adding content to your website on a regular basis can:

  • Grab the attention of new customers
  • Keep existing customers coming back for more
  • Encourage Google to examine and index your website more often
  • Fulfill an evergreen SEO strategy of providing readers with up-to-date, fresh information
  • Lower your bounce rate because people stay on your site to see what you have recently posted
  • Encourage readers to contact your company or buy a product
  • Demonstrate that you are responsive to your clients’ needs by answering their questions
  • Showcase your business with glowing testimonials
  • Improve your image as an expert in your field

Get Help Improving Your Content

Placing the correct content, links and so forth on your website takes time and expertise about what will help your website rank higher on the search engine results pages. A busy business owner will often hire a professional website developer who does more than just put up a website and move on. AWEBCO is a comprehensive, full-service website development company that can help you add the proper content to your site that will help you get noticed more often.


The AWEBCO management team can examine your website and develop a content strategy that is perfect for your company’s needs. AWEBCO will analyze your competition and determine what content is needed on your site to be competitive online. If you don’t yet have a website, AWEBCO can build an attractive, goal-oriented site for you. 


Then the AWEBCO writers and SEO experts will team up to fulfill your company’s custom content strategy so that your website works hard and smart for your business, and continues to grow.


No matter where you are in the country, if you need a few modest enhancements to your website or a complete overhaul, the team at AWEBCO can get the job done. Call us today at 217-903-5999 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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Do you need a website for your business?

Would a FREE website builder be the right decision for my business?

That is a good question and it really depends on a few things: First, what is the current state your business is in, and do you have a marketing budget to work with?

If you are just starting out and have time to learn how to build your own website, then a free website builder may help you get on your feet. 

If you are an established business owner ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the time to build a website for my business? Do I have the capability or desire to learn the programs necessary in order to achieve a beautiful website that actually compliments my business and generates new leads?

What we know is that every company is unique and one size does not fit all and when it comes to establishing a website presence on the internet, there is simply no silver bullet or perfect website template to generating thousands of leads so a free website builder just simply doesn’t work for all businesses.

Are first impressions everything?

When people start looking for the type of product or service you offer, they often start by searching the internet. 

General visitors first impression of you and your business will be your website. As you have often heard, it’s incredibly important to make a good first impression. 

The color scheme, the number of pages, the layout of text, the quality of the images and the functionality of the website must really compliment your business in order to represent your company as you want it to be seen and how your customers want to see it.

Your website should be something you are extremely proud to show to customers.

For instance, if you are a restaurant owner your website should really deliver and experience of what it is like dining at one of your location. We want to feel what it is like to sit at one of your tables.

Where should you be spending your time to grow your business?

Very few business owners have time or desire to learn all the skills necessary to create a website that can attract new users, encourage old users to return, and to accomplish your KPI (key performance indicator) goals.

Delegating the task of website design, development, monitoring, reporting, researching and making improvements to your website could save you not only time, but money and your sanity. 

So what do you do? Should you do-it-yourself, find a freelancer, or hire an employee?

Is the juice worth the squeeze? (Saving money)

Many small business owners try to save money by using a friend or family member and a free website builder. However, most people are unaware of the numerous aspects involved in creating a custom website for their business. 

Okay, we know… your nephew John can build a website, but can he build a website that actually generates leads for your business?

Your website needs a few key functions that really churn new visitors into buying customers.

Lets’ talk about a few:

Sitemap: It must be easy to navigate and understand, containing all the information that readers and search engines need. The images must be appealing and optimized correctly. The pages must contain search engine ready content, load quickly to keep viewers interested in your website long enough to turn into customers.

But wait, lets back up a bit. How do new users even find my website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): In order to be found, the website must appear high on the Google search pages. These are just a few of the features of a website that a business owner must get right in order to reach and serve clients well.

Can anyone actually find my website in the search engines?

Being found on the internet is another big issue that a website owner must take into account. Search engine optimization is a complicated science unto itself.

Most business owners don’t understand how Google ranks web pages on its search results pages. Google uses an algorithm to determine which website is listed first, second, third and so on.

If you don’t know how to get your website to rank high with Google, you may not be found by new customers searching for businesses like yours.

You could have the nicest looking website imaginable but if your website is not found by prospective customers it will not help your business grow, which is why you need SEO tools or an SEO professional with ranking experience.


Let’s look at a well-known free website builder: WordPress. It is advertised as being simple to set up and use, but is it? There is a significant learning curve which proponents fail to mention. 

The WordPress jargon is not easy to understand starting out. For example, most people don’t know what a widget is or what it does. Then there are plugins, permalinks and tags to take care of.

WordPress has hundreds of themes (frameworks) to chose from but it can take hours to find one that is right for your purpose. 

A few themes are free, most are not. Just the fact that the website must be built on a pre-created framework means that the layout of the website is constrained by the theme. Unless you are a gifted techie, getting WordPress to do exactly what you want it to do is not easy.

Other Free Website Builders

If you have web hosting with GoDaddy or, they provide website builders but, again, the terminology is an obstacle. Learning to operate these “drag and drop” website builders and getting the pages to look the way you want them to can be a big challenge.

Even if a free website building has oodles of options, it can be overwhelming to learn and remember how they all work.

These hosting companies do not offer free support for their website builders, so if you get stuck or confused there is no one to call for help.

Wix is another free website builder that is widely advertised as being simple to set up and use. However, online reviews indicate that this claim is seriously exaggerated.

Wix might be a reasonable option for a temporary website but for a well-established or growing company it is not really appropriate. To begin with, the URL will be with no caps. This does not give a good first impression to a new client. You want your website URL to be clear and clean, such as, with no extra characters.

What’s more, your website will be in the Wix hosting space instead of your own hosting space. This can be compared with renting an apartment versus owning a home. In the first instance, you are limited to what improvements you can make. In the second, you are free to create the environment that is best for you.

Furthermore, you give up the control of security and functionality to Wix. Additional problems can arise because Wix does not give its users unlimited bandwidth or file storage. A better plan is to retain control over your website and have no limitations so that your website is what your business and clients need it to be.


Your website is your company’s online store front, sales rep, brochure and much more. It’s where the public can learn about you and interact with your company. It’s about reaching and keeping good customers. Your website may be the first contact a customers has with your company so it must be perfect, presenting you and your brand in the most positive light. Every aspect of your website must work smoothly every time, whether the person is using a contact form or ordering a product. There is no room for error or a customer could be lost forever.

Take a moment today to call Awebco at (217) 903-5999 to discuss your website situation. Let the Awebco representative explain what can be done to enhance your online presence and image. There is no obligation and you will find it exciting to explore the possibilities. Calling Awebco may be the best marketing decision you make for your business this year.

The consultation is free. The reports are free.

Start today & learn more about how AWEBCO can get you the website your business deserves.

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