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7 Details to Have Ready for Your Web Design Company
December 27, 2018 • Last Updated: Jul 8, 2020

7 Details to Have Ready for Your Web Design Company

Preparing for Working with a Designer

Choosing a web design company is one of the first steps in developing your online presence and establishing your brand.

Once you choose a designer, you also need to be prepared for everything that happens afterward.

Your web designer will need to know intricate details about your company, your target audience, and what you want on your website.

With this information, your designer can create the perfect website on their first attempt. Plus, preparing this information in advance will ultimately save you time and money later on.

Website design wireframing

1. What You Do

While you know what your business does, your web designer specializes in designing websites.

Don’t assume they know what it takes to make industrial steel or the types of services a concierge offers.

By including information about your company, you ensure the web design details on your site are correct.

An easy way to start this process is by thinking about the elevator pitch you give to potential clients.

Write down some key information to describe what your business does, the services you offer, and what sets you apart from the competition.

When your designer has the right details, they can design a site that perfectly fits your company’s needs.

2. Your Target Audience

Not all websites are created in the same way.

A site targeted at college kids will require a different design and layout than a website that caters to retirement planning.

Before you figure out how to choose a web design company, take some time to understand your audience, if you haven’t already.

Look at who currently shops for your brand and what your ideal audience looks like.

Demographics - Analytics

Determine factors surrounding a wide range of demographics including age, gender, location, and more.

These play a major role in the design the company works with to fit your clientele.

3. Main Purpose of Your Website

Are you trying to sell products online?

Do you want to bring clients to your brick-and-mortar storefront?

Is your website just for branding and customer service purposes?

Perhaps you simply want to build your subscriber list for email marketing campaigns.

The design of your website will depend greatly on what you want it to accomplish.

An eCommerce site will require different tools and features, as well as a different budget than a basic homepage.

Balloons Over Vermilion - Event Services Website Design by Awebco

Likewise, you may need different page types and content depending on what you want your site to do for its visitors.

Spend some time deciding what you want out of your website by looking at examples online and choosing some key qualities that stand out to you.

If you have found the right designer, they can make all your site goals come true.

But for your designer to do their best work, they have to know what you want out of the site.

4. List of Your Competitors

A list of your competitors helps the web designer research and educate themselves on your industry, along with what your website may need.

It gives the designer a starting point for creating your website and may even give them ideas to make your site better than others in your line of work.

Once the designer gets the other website details, they can create a unique site that is perfectly designed to match your needs.

5. How You Differ from Your Competitors

Byerly Garage Door Website Designed by Awebco

For your brand to succeed, you need to show potential clients what makes you unique from the others who appear to be doing or offering the same thing.

Do you have a lower price or a superior product? What would convince them to choose you over the other guys?

These differentiating details will set your brand apart from the rest.

Spend some time contemplating ways you can add product value for your customers.

From offering a better price point to top-notch customer service, there are many ways you can differentiate your brand via your website.

6. Specific Aspects You Want on the Site

When choosing a web design company, think about the specific tools and features you want on your site.

Your designer may have plenty of ideas and suggestions, but you can give them a better idea of exactly what you are looking for.

A top designer will also make sure your site is simple to navigate, uncluttered, and optimized for speed.

Depending on your business, you may want to get a gallery page, service pages, location markers, or plug-ins for collecting customer information.

Ecommerce Solution Web Design

Some business owners may want intricate eCommerce platforms, while other sites simply prefer a minimalist, straightforward homepage.

There is no right or wrong option; the best website for you depends entirely on your company’s needs and goals.

7. Your Web Design Budget

Obviously, you don’t want to pay too much for your web design.

But you also don’t want to spend too little on an inexperienced or flaky designer.

Before you pick a web design company, decide what you can afford and plan out a reasonable time frame.

Without researching an effective budget, you could easily end up overpaying for this type of service.

Make sure you look into a few different options and choose a company that has found a balance between cost-effective services and high-quality work.

Check Out AWEBCO for Web Design

Responsive Website Design in Danville, IL

By figuring out a few web design details first, you can make choosing a web design company much easier for yourself.

When your design team knows what you need, they can immediately get started on the project and ensure everything is put together the way you want.

Finding a web design company doesn’t have to be a complicated and stressful venture.

AWEBCO specializes in working with business owners who want a dynamic, responsive website that will engage customers and boost their revenue.

Whether you need help with a brand new website or simply want a redesign, contact us to learn more about how we can make your site look better than ever!

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