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How to Create Content for Your Website
January 21, 2020 • Last Updated: Jul 8, 2020

How to Create Website Content (The Right Way)

The Need for Great Content on Your Website

Are you unsure how to write great content for your website? Wondering if it’s really that important?

Creating effective content is the key factor in establishing organic traffic to your site and also keeping people on its pages for longer periods of time.

Once you know the relevance of these crucial marketing efforts, it’s also vital that you learn how to create content that is worthy of that highly-desirable first spot in the Google search rankings.

What is Great Content?

This is one of the most loaded and complex questions in the online world.

To understand the definition of great content, you must first identify the mission, target audience, goals, and desires that you want to achieve through the content you’re putting out.

Once you’ve identified these things, it will be much easier to create terrific content that will convert leads and potential prospects into loyal, paying customers.

Content Marketing Strategy for Businesses

How Can You Make Great Content?

There are many ways to create web content that stands out.

From writing thorough, long-form blog content, creating product or service related YouTube videos, or releasing weekly podcasts about your industry.

The bottom line is, to have an effective content marketing strategy you need to be creating useful information for visitors and for search engines.

Here are a few ways to do just that.

Create Something Original

While it may be tempting to follow the content examples of your competitors or other authorities in your industry, always strive to make something new and unique.

Generating fresh ideas and original content will help you appear more credible to those who view your articles or videos.

Remain diligent in watching for trends, news, and changes in your field and put out quality content quickly to beat the others in your field to the punch.

Ask and Answer Questions - Research on Quora

Ask and Answer Questions

What do your customers, clients, and prospects want to know? Are they asking questions about your services or products?

Take the time to do research through popular sites like Quora as well as Twitter to see what people are asking that relates to your business.

Use these questions and comments to determine how to create great content that provides them with answers and solutions.

Use Statistics and References

If you want to have effective content on your website, ensure it is always accurate and authoritative.

Use statistics and references from reputable sources that provide further detail and insight into the idea or concept you’re trying to get across.

You can even conduct your own surveys or studies and share your results.

This proves that your business is dedicated to improving and finding the most relevant information for viewers.

4 Types of Content to Create

The variety of content options to use across the internet is easily in the hundreds, if not thousands.

While a full list may seem staggering and intimidating, there are a few staples that every business website should strive to use as a means of providing value to their site visitors.

Written Content Blogging Example

1. Writing Content for the Web

The written word will never stop being a pivotal part of marketing, promotions, communication, and other aspects of business.

Identifying how to write great content to share across your website is essential to both short-term and long-term success.

When used effectively, words can invoke feelings and emotions that lead people to action.

Make sure your website has the most important parts including high-quality written content on every page, such as articles, blog posts, case studies, as well as other static pages across your site.

Create Graphics and Visual Content

2. Creating Graphics & Images

While words are important to the conversion rate of a good website, it’s not typically good practice to simply have a page full of written paragraphs and nothing more.

Instead, using a variety of images and graphics, you can break up the written content and catch the viewer’s eye with color and creativity.

These images can include everything from photos and illustrations to designs and infographics.

They offer viewers a visual way to understand or further comprehend the content they are currently reading.

Upload video content on YouTube

3. Recording & Uploading Videos

Does your website have exciting, engaging videos on any of its pages?

The use of video has arguably become the most effective tool for digital marketing and business purposes.

Videos can be used on landing pages, blog posts, and even on your home page to lead site visitors on a journey through your website.

Captivating content clips help to tell the story of your business, provide quick access to key information, and keep people on your website longer.

They also make your brand more trustworthy and boost the authority of your company.

Spotify for Podcasts

4. Start a Podcast / Audio Recording

Another rapidly growing trend for websites and social media pages is the use of audio.

Businesses all over the world are starting podcasts as a way to share new updates about their company, interview industry experts, and even promote their products or services.

Podcasts offer key insight into a brand’s mission and its company culture, making the experience of working with you more personal and individualized.

It also promotes loyalty and is a great way to maintain contact with your client base or following.

How to Create Great Content That Converts

Now that you have a better idea of what powerful content is and the types you can use to your advantage, the next question to answer is “how to write great content for a website?”

Hire Awesome Content Creators

When getting started, you’ll want to determine who will create your content.

Whether you plan to do it all on your own or hire writers, video production companies, and graphic designers to handle the projects, it’s important to find consistency with whatever you create.

Follow Brand Personality Standards

Set High Content Standards

Establish standards that you and your creators are meant to follow, focusing on the voice and message behind the content as it is made.

Avoid “fluff” that simply fills in the spaces and provides no real value.

Instead, ensure each word, sentence, and image has a thoughtful meaning as well as a purpose to your intent.

Provide a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Make sure that every piece of content you create is engaging and provides the viewer with a strong call to action (CTA) that makes it clear what they should do next.

Without a CTA, any type of content is simply there for entertainment purposes. Last of all, keep everything you create up-to-date.

Make Fresh Up to Date Content

Make Sure Content is Fresh & Up-to-Date

Don’t let your content fall behind the times and become irrelevant to your message or your customers’ current needs as this is one of the main reasons your organic search ranking can fall.

Review previous content frequently to see if it needs to be updated or replaced with something new.

If your web page content has outdated or inaccurate information, site visitors will take notice.

Perhaps an article is several years old and the industry, product, or service has changed drastically in that time. The article in that state is no longer as useful to the end user and Google will gauge interaction with your page and lower your rankings.

Ready for a Website that Meets These Needs?

One of the most important steps to fulfilling these requirements is making sure that your website is able to properly use each of these functions.

If your site isn’t responsive or has designs that are outdated, even having the best content won’t be enough to lead your visitors to make a purchase.

AWEBCO is here to help you design a beautiful and innovative website centered around your business needs and its clients. Contact us today online or give us a call at (217) 903 – 5999 to learn more!

WRITTEN BY Logan Derrick

After being told once that his content writing was like magic, Logan took on the title of Wordcraft Wizard. He is a professional content marketing strategist with a deep knowledge of SEO, digital marketing, web design, and more. He is dedicated to providing powerful, relevant, and engaging content without all the "fluff".

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