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How to promote a new website
August 13, 2020 •

How to Promote a New Website: 10 Ways to Boost Your Site Launch

So, you’ve decided to create a new website for your business and can’t wait to get it launched. The layout has come together, you added some nice photos, and even made it easy to see your call-to-action.

With an eagerness to share it with the world, you excitedly hit the publish button and…

No traffic comes to your new website.

You figure it will simply take some time and wait for the viewers to roll in. But weeks and even months go by and the site visitor graph remains flat and stagnant. You realize something else needs to be done to ensure your site is finally seen.

With millions of new sites and pages being added to the internet each day, knowing how to promote a new website is crucial to your success.

Check out these 10 new website launch promotion ideas to ensure your site gets the attention it deserves as soon it is up and running.

SEO Tactics - Organic Search Traffic

1. SEO Tactics

One of the most time-tested and effective ways to promote a new website is by following proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The benefits of SEO can take a great deal of time and effort upfront but they have far-reaching effects that have the potential to last for years to come. Before publishing your website, it is vital that you confirm the site is optimized for organic search to make it easier to rank.

Search engine companies are constantly changing their algorithms. Because of this, you’ll want to frequently be updating your website while also consistently create new content. This will help with promoting your website and show sites like Google that you’re reliable and authoritative.

2. Website Blog

Blogging has become one of the best techniques for new website promotion. These informational pieces of content can be created to teach users about your products, show the benefits of your services, or even feature behind the scenes aspects of your business. If you write these blogs yourself, it is a perfect idea to promote your website for free.

Especially if you’re a B2B company looking for content marketing ideas, a blog is one of the most effective ways to promote your new website.

3. Social Media

Wondering how to promote a new website on social media? Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram, these social campaigns provide both organic and paid options to market your site. With billions of users across these networks, there is no limit to the potential reach of your efforts.

When you promote on social media, you can share discounts or deals to attract new customers and pull traffic to your website. Grow your audience by putting an ad budget behind your posts to see a dramatic increase in the number of people who see the content you share. You may even want to consider adding a video to the social media ad with the hopes that it will go viral.

Pay Per Click Digital Advertising Google Ads

4. Digital Advertising

While strategies like SEO and social media marketing fall under the general domain of digital advertising, there are many facets to this major website launch promotion tool. Digital advertising also includes tactics like pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

The more effort you can put into each of these approaches, the wider your target audience will be. And as you’re able to determine which ones are most impactful on your business, you can gradually decrease the work you put into the others.

5. Press Releases

Promoting your new website wouldn’t be complete without submitting a press release or two. These pieces of content are used to objectively notify people in your community (whether local or online) that your website is up and running. It’s a great way to promote for free and get your business recognized by news sources and other publications.

A press release is typically written by a member of a media channel or a freelancer who has access to publish with a popular online or print newsletter or magazine. Take some time to research which publications would be most relevant to your niche and business to ensure the press releases reaches an audience who will be interested in what you have to offer.

6. Guest Posting

Similar to a press release, guest posting offers the opportunity to share your own thoughts or content on someone else’s website or blog. This presents the chance to reach another company’s established audience that is related to your industry.

While some will request you pay them to post on their site, others will be more than happy to let you share new website promotion content for no change.

Local Listings Directories to list Businesses

7. Local Listing Sites

Learning how to promote a new website isn’t always easy but companies with an established location would greatly benefit from sharing their business details on local listing sites. This practice provides a positive impact on your site’s SEO, makes it easy for nearby customers to find you, and also gives people the chance to leave reviews about your business.

Some of the best places to put your local listing information include Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and more.

8. Traditional Mail

Although many people think mailers and flyers are dead, they remain one of the most productive means for new website launch promotions. Recent studies have shown that direct mail still sees response rates as high as 43%, which is higher than many other online strategies.

As long as you can create an engaging flyer that captures attention, focuses on a clear call-to-action, and offers a good deal, you will have a great chance of seeing online traffic come to your website. Consider getting help from a professional designer who can assist with making it really stand out.

9. Forums

Another one of the best ways to promote a new website for free is to comment and engage with people through online forums. Sites like Reddit and Quora have over 300 million users each, providing a tremendous amount of opportunity to communicate with people who may be interested in your products or services.

Searching through these forums, you’ll find they are separated into categories, making it easy to find conversations that are already happening within your industry or niche. By providing valuable insight within these communities, you can invite users to your new website to find solutions to the problems they are facing.

10. Outreach Marketing

Cold calling may not be the most fun way to spend your time. But it is still a powerful way to reach out to individuals and share details about a business and promote your new website. This direct sales tactic may feel outdated but warm leads tend to convert at a rate of about 20%.

You will find that cold calling is generally more effective for B2B companies when you’re able to reach the right individual within the business. With a little extra work using tools like LinkedIn, you can find these people and reach out to them directly for a better chance of converting a sale.

Knowing How to Promote a New Website is an Important Step

Once you decide to create a website for your business, you’ll need to put in the effort to promote it properly. Using the strategies mentioned above, you can experience a higher range of website traffic and see greater conversions.

Whether you need help revamping your current site or you are looking for someone to help you design a new website, the team at AWEBCO is the perfect solution for you! We make beautiful, engaging websites and also know the best ways to promote them once they’re complete.

Contact our team today or use our website design calculator to get an idea of how much your project will cost!

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