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What is a Call to Action (CTA)?
July 14, 2020 •

What is a Call to Action? 10 CTA Examples to Make People Click

When you invite people to visit your website, what is the end result you are trying to accomplish? For most companies, the answer is simply for the visitor to become a paying customer.

But getting people to take action like that takes a lot more incentive than it once did. Many consumers are beginning to recognize the outdated sales tactics and techniques of old. This makes it vital that you use effective and strategic call to action phrases to help them know where to go next.

Do you know what a call to action is and why it’s important? Let’s dive into the details and check out a few CTA examples you can begin using for your business!

What is a call to action examples

What is a Call to Action?

Most commonly used as a marketing and promotional term, the call to action definition is any prompt or invitation for a viewer to act on what they have seen or learned. As a potential customer goes through the journey of reading a blog article, watching a promo video, or seeing a social media post, the CTA is there to guide them to the next step of the process.

This can be done in a variety of ways using anything from popular call to action phrases and linked buttons to simply referencing a phone number or contact form. A CTA is typically used on every piece of marketing material you’ll find. Companies use them on business cards, websites, tv commercials, and much more.

When done correctly, a strong call to action makes the user or site visitor feel the need to take the next step and see what the business has to offer them. The more effective your CTA, the better you’ll be able to boost your conversion rate across various marketing channels.

Examples of a Call to Action You Can Use for Your Business

When creating website content, it’s important that you consider what you want your audience to do next. This is where knowing the top phrases you can use in a call to action comes in handy. As you integrate strong invitations that have a beneficial purpose, you’ll be more likely to see people follow your suggestions and move through your marketing funnel.

Here are a few of the best call to action examples you can start using today.

1. Subscribe

Building an email list has become one of the most crucial aspects of running successful marketing campaigns. The more people you can get to provide you with their email address, the more access you’ll have to promote future products and services. Use a simple email entry form with a CTA that invites them to Subscribe to your email newsletter or for blog post updates.

Hulu Free Trial Call to Action

2. Free Trial

The word FREE is one of the most popular terms you can use to strengthen your call to action phrases. You’ll see it a lot when considering efficient CTA examples. Invite potential clients to give your brand a try with a free trial that lasts anywhere from 7 days to 3 months, depending on your service.

3. Sign Up for Free

Similar to the “Subscribe” CTA, this can be used in a variety of ways. Ask your site visitors to sign up for your email list or simply to remain in the know about any of your business updates. This a great call to action you can consider when creating an effective landing page.

4. Discount

People love the feeling of getting a good deal. Whether you offer a percentage or a dollar amount off of your usual price, a discount is a great way to get people to take action. This markdown can be used for anything from a monthly subscription service to a one-time purchase.

Download App CTA

5. Download the App

Are you trying to promote your new web or mobile application? What better call to action could there possibly be than to simply invite them to download it. The majority of people are willing to download a free app to see if it fits there needs. And even if you charge for the app, you can offer a temporary free trial so they can determine whether it will work for them or not.

6. Find Out More

As a business, you need to identify the people, demographics, and areas that are most likely to purchase what you have to offer. You can narrow down your target audience as you provide more information and help visitors determine whether they are interested in your product or service. Used on everything from landing pages to social media ads, a simple “Find Out More” CTA could be enough to get a user to click through as they seek additional details.

View our work CTA example

7. Our Work

This call to action is especially effective for creatives like web designers, content writers, video producers, photographers, and others with an online portfolio. Once a lead makes it to your website, one of the deciding factors of whether they’ll become a client or not is if they like your past work. Make it easy to find your previous projects so they can choose if your style fits their needs.

8. Free Template

There’s that F-word yet again. (No, not that one.) When you’re promoting something like a software as a service (Saas) or another type of online business, giving a free gift such as a useful template is a great way to get the attention of prospective clients.

9. Countdown Clock

Want people to take action quickly when they reach your website? Create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer on your landing page that shows them how much longer they have to take advantage of your offer. Pair the timer with a discount or free gift to sweeten the deal and show them the value of acting sooner rather than later.

Compare with Similar Items CTA

10. Compare to Competitors

What makes you better than the other people providing the same product or service as you? Why not show your site visitors with a comparison table, chart, or graph? Use the incentive of seeing how you compare to the competition as a call to action that proves what you offer that is unique.

Get Customers to Take Action with a Great Website

What is a call to action without a beautifully-designed website? If you attract attention from social media or another piece of promotional material and someone comes to your old, outdated website, they are much less likely to move on to the next stage of becoming a customer.

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